Teaching Theory

To meet the specific needs of child development, our curriculum is designed to integrate and apply life experience, to sensory and interesting activities to nurture a healthy and happy learning environment; to promote positive value and enthusiastic attitude; and to motivate exploration, communication, creativity, ways of thinking and problem solving; and to provide them with comprehensive and balanced development.

Modes and Activities of Learning and Teaching

Adopting thematic and integrative activities, and through picture books teaching, moral education and multiple activities, with the play theory to design games, explorations and visits to enrich life experiences with religious elements. In order to inspire children’s creative thinking and self-learning spirit, and to cultivate children’s good moral character.

Our Team

We are a passionate, experienced and caring early childhood education teaching team, and all our teachers have finished early childhood education courses recognized by the Education Bureau. We aim to meet every aspect of child’s development to help them prepare for the future and become well-rounded people by providing quality teaching and care services for children.