Support Services for non-Chinese speaking (NCS) students

“Support services for non-Chinese speaking (NCS) students” encourages and helps NCS students to learn Chinese, and to enhance their motivation and interest in learning Chinese. This is also a way to build up their confidence and to increase their ability in social integration.

Support Measures for NCS students

 Learning Goals

* to strengthen their interest in learning Chinese language

* to enhance social development, taking care of their growing needs

* to develop inclusive learning in school, and to help them achieve better social integration

Tailor-made Chinese curriculum

* Apart from studying in class with local students, NCS students also learn Chinese in small groups weekly.

* Adopting effective and interactive learning methods, NCS students acquire Chinese in listening, speaking, reading and writing through games and stories.


Cultural diversity and integration on campus

* The school respects different cultural backgrounds of the NCS students. Local and NCS students would learn from each other and develop mutual appreciation.

* The school would organize theme-based cultural activities such as the Chinese traditional festivals or carnivals, and invite the NCS students to participate, and learn different customs together

Teacher Qualifications

* We have two teachers responsible for the exclusive school-based professional supporting work of the NCS students which includes curriculum planning, lesson teaching and parent liaison work, etc.

* The two special NCS support teachers are well-qualified with the professional qualifications for teaching NCS students, have completed the relevant training.

Support Measures for NCS parents

* We provide school notices in English medium

Support for NCS parents and students from EDB
Useful Links / Information for Learning Chinese for NCS students

「愉快學中文」(Learning Chinese is Fun)

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「友趣學中文」C-For-Chinese @JC