Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui Welfare Council

“Kids in Love”- Pilot Scheme on Social Work Service


“Kids in Love”- Pilot Scheme on Social Work Service provides preventive, developmental and therapeutic social work services for children and their family, to cultivate a caring environment for children to grow healthily and happily.

Scope of Service

1. To provide professional counselling and referral services for the children and family
2. To organize parent education groups and talks
3. To organize activities to facilitate harmonious family relationship and children nurturance
4. To provide professional consultations to pre-primary institutions’personnel and parents
5. To deliver crisis intervention support for cases in need


1. Adopting early identification and intervention on children with family, learning, social, emotional and behavioral needs and difficulties
2. Establishing a close co-working relationship with family and pre-primary institutions to foster the healthy development of children
3. Conducting professional assessment to provide adequate crisis intervention support
4. Coordinating community resources and connect professionals to provide adequate services
5. Providing emergency support on non-stationing school days