Character Education in school

Be a partner with school to promote character education and to cultivate and strengthen students and parents of life education and positive discipline.

Forest Adventure Kindergarten

Children are encouraged to use multiple senses to explore to discover the wonders and phenomena of nature and to explore their relationship to our daily lives. Using nature as a classroom, students are taught the knowledge and skills acquired in the classroom to the outdoor environment, cultivate the skills and attitudes of care for nature, and inspire children’s interest in nature.

Food For [email protected]

Students are being educated on the concept of food waste recycling and waste treatment at source. School is assisted in using food waste recycling system and producing compost. The organic compost produced is used to grow vegetables in school garden.

Jockey Club Home-School Physical Fitness Academy

Be a partner with school to promote a home-school physical fitness and health programme beneficial to children, their parents and school.